Being a Mom in 2018

As I now have 3 children of my own, I often reflect on my own childhood. I played outside barefoot and rode my bike everywhere. I was the last care free generation who didn’t have to fear that going to school or a shopping mall would put my life in danger.  My friends and I found our own entertainment, playing make-believe outdoors was a regular occurance. My parents didn’t hover over me, I learned from my own mistakes which contributed to me being “street smart.” A child of the late 80’s / 90’s was maybe not as great as my parents had it during their childhood but definitely times were much simpler when I was little.

Today’s Mom has it much harder. Trying to balance children, a home, a job and still making time to find you. Trying to keep some sliver of your previous identity while still reveling in the role of being “Mom” to your precious little creations. Social media everywhere trying to shove us into a mold and tell us how are we supposed to be, how we are supposed to parent. We are contantly competing to fill our Instagram news feeds with fun filled family vacations and our kid’s smiling for pictures in perfectly manicured outfits.

This is not real life! Most day’s I am lucky to slather on some deodorant, brush my teeth and throw on some athletic wear (my typical uniform). We clean dirty butts and messy faces. We handle meltdowns and beg our children to just take one more bite! We worry…constantly…and google everything! We walk around with our baby’s strapped to our bodies and stress over whether our school aged children are participating in enough extra curricular activities.

This blog is for the Mom’s like me who love the crap out of their kid’s but also count down the minutes until they are tucked into their beds for the night.

So, why did I start this blog? To bring you relevent and real life topics on motherhood, parenting and “keeping it real.”  All while adding a little bit of humor and funny stories of my own little ducklings along the way. Sharing all my favorite products and hacks I have learned over the last seven years of being a Mom.  Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by!






Were you a child of the 80’s / 90’s? Comment below and tell me what you loved most about growing up during this time!

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